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Since the wheel started turning advancements in technology constantly improve the way we do things. Playing roulette on the telly is the latest and greatest way to play the game for UK residents.

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Roulette is a game of chance is played on a round Roulette board or wheel. The dealer or the croupier rotates the wheel, which has numbered grooves in its periphery, in one direction, and a ball in other direction in the area surrounding the wheel, so that it ultimately falls in one of the grooves. A players places bets on colors, numbers, combinations on the wheel and if the ball falls in the same area on which bet was placed, he/she wins. However, it should be known that live online roulette is not a game of skill but purely a game of luck and guess, and statistically the odds are stacked for the casino that is hosting the game.

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When learning how to play live online roulette one should know about the roulette board layout before playing the game. A roulette setup is a circular board with a rotatable wheel, with numbered slots in its circumference, at the centre, and space for rotating the ball in the periphery. Out of these numbers, which are not in sequential order, half are red and others are black, in alternating colors. There are two kinds of roulette wheels – European and American, and they differ in the numbers’ arrangement on the wheel. Further, in the European system, there is only one 0 (green) slot, whereas in American Roulette system, in addition to the 0 slot there is also a 00 green slot. If the ball falls in either of these slots, the better loses. So, in order to maximize the odds of winning, it is better to play in the European system if possible.

Generally the roulette table has its own sets of chips, which a player has to exchange for, with his/her casino chips. This is to ensure that the players’ chips are distinctly identifiable. The dealer (croupier) places a ‘lammer’ on the chips’ stack to give them a value, as they have no intrinsic value of their own. For example if there are 10 chips and the lammer is of $100 then each chip’s value is $10.

After the chips are exchanged, the game can begin. First everybody places bets on the numbers, odd-even, color – whatever they like and the croupier notes them. Then the wheel is spun and the ball is rotated in opposite direction. After sometime, the ball falls into a slot, and the dealer places a marker on that slot to identify it. Then the losing bets are collected and the winners are paid out. After every spin, about one minute is given to place the bets and again the wheel is rotated and thus continues the game. As you can see it doesnt take long to learn how to play roulette.

The important thing to keep in mind in roulette is to play with the spirit of the game and enjoy it. People often play roulette in order to socialize and enjoy drinks while it lasts. They keep a cool head, and take winning and losing in their stride. Roulette is not just a game of winning or losing but it also shows the real character of a person depending upon how he/she takes the results.

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